Referencing a list within a repeating group

Hello! I am working on creating a list of restaurants within a repeating group. The repeating group has a thumbnail, shows the restaurants’ names, and I want it to show the type of cuisine. While the name and the photo works, the cuisine is not showing up.

I think I may have done something incorrectly in the database. Cuisines are their own data type, and then within the Restaurant data type is a Cuisine field, which references the Cuisine data type and is accessed as a dropdown list.

When I insert dynamic data, for the photo it’s “Current cell’s Restaurant’s Restaurant-Thumbnail”, which works. The cuisine, which is within a group connected to the Restaurants (Type of Content: Restaurant, Data source: Current cell’s Restaurant), the dynamic data is “Parent Group’s Restaurant’s Cuisine,” which makes the dynamic text turn red. The name is “Parent group’s Restaurant’s Name” which works and the dynamic text is blue.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Screen Shot 2023-09-30 at 9.44.08 PM

Looking at the debugger, it says the text field is empty and it gives an error of ““Text Parent group’s Resta” - parts of property property Text cannot be displayed as text, and will be omitted.”

in your data structure for restaurant the cuisine field is a single value not a list of cuisines. You should be able to hover over dynamic expressions to see how they evaluate to either a list or a single field to help debug issues like this.

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Thank you so much! Hovering over the dynamic expressions was a fantastic tip. This is the code that worked: “Parent group’s Restaurant’s Cuisine: first item’s Type.” Understanding how the backend is going into the data makes so much more sense now. Thank you!

Yes, if you do not want to show a list in the dropdown and only want to show one item…which if that is the case, you shouldn’t use a dropdown and should just use text element