Referencing a thing generated in an action in ANOTHER event in the same workflow

Hi there,

I have form which creates a thing. ( a consultation request)

When the form is submitted by the user, I reveal the user a “yes/no question” asking him whether he would like request additional consultations from other providers.

If the user clicks “Yes” I then should modify the thing which was created in the previous event. (form submission event)

“Button Yes is clicked” is separate event so I can not (do not know how to) reference “the thing” created as a result of the form submission.

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Add a step at the end of the first workflow to store the consultation request in a custom state on the page and then when button Yes is clicked, update the consultation held in the custom state.

Thank you for the suggestion.

I reread your message there is bit which is not clear to me.
Is the consultation request already submitted (created) in your suggestion?

It would have been created just before assigning to the custom state. The workflow would look like:

  1. Data > Create a new thing (which would be the consultation).
  2. Element Actions > Set State (which would be the custom state you would set to the result of step 1)

Then you could reference the custom state in other separate workflows.

Thank you very much :slight_smile: :champagne:

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