Referencing next item in a list

Hello! A feature in my app is that you can add as many of your own vehicles as you would like. I have a repeating group in my vehicles page that will show all of the vehicles owned by the current user. When the user clicks the right icon in the repeating group’s cell, I want the popup’s input to be pre-populated with the information of that vehicle. I’m not sure how to set my dynamic data up since you can only reference the first or last item of a list. Any insight will be appreciated!

Put the datatype of the popup to be Vehicle and leave the data source to be empty.
When you click the right icon on the repeating group add step in the workflow "Element actions > Display data in a group’ and the data to be displayed will be the current cells vehicle.
Then populate the initial content of the inputs.

Reply me if you didnt understand any step mentioned above or if you if you feel this doesnt help
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Or the item number in the list…

Which option would I choose from here? I tried Parent group’s Vehicles but it’s leaving them blank

parent group vehicles

Prepop with which make of the last record or what? It seems you have a Rg and want to prepop the make of the new vehicle form but what should the prefill be??!

I have a datatype Vehicles and the data fields are make, model, year, etc. When the user presses the right arrow in the repeating group, I want the inputs to be prepopulated with all of the data fields from that Cell’s Vehicle.

When I choose Dynamic Data → Parent group’s Vehicle’s [data field] it’s just leaving the input blank.

check the debugger it will make things more clear

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