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Referencing objects created elsewhere on page

Newbie question: I have a button [Button1] that creates a new “thing” [Widget1]. Lower down on the page I have an input field that I would like to modify a field on that record I just created [Title of Widget]. So I’m trying to use a workflow on the input field to modify/add that field on Widget1 - but how do I reference it? I need some way to tell the workflow that the Widget I’m trying to update is the one created by that button above. What am I missing??

There are multiple ways to do this, and the best way would depend on your overall app or page design.

Generally speaking, in the workflow where you create the Widget, you can then add a Workflow to Display Data in a specific Group
(make sure the specific Group element is set to the Widget’s Data Type)

Then when you use the button further down, you will Make Change’s to A Widget, referring to the specific Group’s Widget


Put the input in a group and set the group’s type to Widget. When Button creates new widget > send data to group (group = group with input, widget = result of step that contains creation of new widget).

Input then uses “parent group’s widget” to modify the widget that was just created.

edit: great minds, @gf_wolfer

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Awesome! Thanks!