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Referencing prior item in a list

Hi all - would love some help. I’m trying to run an action when an item in a list is added that checks a condition based on a the prior item in the list. I.e. when the “i-th” item in a list is added, I want to check a condition based on the (i-1)th item in the list.

Each item has Type A, B, C, D. The workflow should fire when I create the new item AND “When prior item in list has Type “C””. But I can’t figure out how to reference the prior item in the list…

I can see that you can specify “MyList:item # _____” which is expecting a number…but I can’t figure out how to get that number to be the right number.

Thanks all!

Try MyList: item #Search for MyList:count-1

Thanks for the reply - Search for MyList? Won’t that return a list of lists, not the position of an item in one of the lists? What would go in the filters of that search?

Use the same filters that you’re using to display MyList above.
Search for MyList will return a list
Search for MyList:count will return NUMBER of list items