Referencing the User data type from a different data type

I’m building a freelance marketplace, and when a freelancer signs up for a project, their User data is assigned to the Job data type (this is essentially a listing that the client creates which freelancers can join). Within that Job data type, there’s a category for a list of Users.

Currently I have a project page that shows the details of an individual project. And I want to reference the list of Users who are currently attributed to that Job by showing something like their name. I’ve set the repeating group content to be User, and it’s searching through the current page’s job’s users.

But for some reason, nothing shows up and I just can’t figure out why. If anyone knows what I’m doing wrong here, I’d really appreciate the help!

You’ve probably got privacy rules applied to the User datatype… so check those…

Bro, friggin life saver over here. I changed it and it works.

For some reason I thought I couldn’t change the default user privacy settings. But I had a hunch it might have had to do something. Thanks @adamhholmes :slight_smile:

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