Refering to a parents thing from popup


In my app, I have a thing called Sell Orders (consisting of Share price, Sharetype, Share Quantity) and Buy Orders these are things created when a user wants to buy a specific sell order.

I have a repeating group table (data type= sell orders) displaying a list of sell orders (the last column is showing the amount of buy orders corresponding to the number of shares in the sell order.

When I Press the ‘View Orders’ button, A popup shows the number of buy orders for that share quantity and it displays the price that buyers were willing to pay.

Though the repeating group searches buy orders with ’ number of shares’ = parent’s group sell orders number of shares, it does not pull the specific sell order row.
What I am trying to do is view all the buy orders that match the share quantity of the sell orders for each row in the repeating group on the previous page.

What am I doing wrong?
In addition - even the title ‘Buy orders for parent group’s sell order’ comes up as blank when I preview it.
Likely as its referring to the whole repeating group rather than the specific row.
Any idea how I can get to view buyorders for that specific share quantity?


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