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Referrals/ambassador program for promoting Bubble subscriptions


Just thought, I’ve been telling loads of people about Bubble, basically everyone i get talking to about tech.

It’d be nice if we could have referral codes, so when people we tell end up paying for a subscription, then we get a little discount on our own subscriptions (or if these already exist, how do we find them?)

Essentially the dropbox promo model. Very easy to implement and sacrificing like 5-10% of profits for a much faster growth through word of mouth…



On the surface this is a good idea but I would think about it a little more.

I feel bubble is more of a community currently - early adopters? definitely. These early adopters are already very supportive and telling people about bubble.

I ask myself why do I spread the word about bubble? Certainly I don’t want to see it go away - I want to see it succeed because it’s helped me in so many ways - I feel it’s the least I can do. But also I’m testing my network to see what they do - do they get codeless programming? Some of them do but many do not. If you don’t get it then no amount of pricing discount is going to help with that.

Last - I already feel the pricing is very very fair - taking their margin away just doesn’t seem right to me and I’m a biz guy :wink: From my understanding the bubble team hasn’t taken VC funding and are being scrapy - that’s something I really admire and want to support.

So I ask myself if bubble went away tomorrow how would I feel?

I don’t want that outcome so that’s why I keep spreading the word and paying it forward on these forums to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Yeah sure, it all depends on their business model… if rapid growth is not part of the model, then no need to do this. But just a simple way for them to grow quicker if they want it.

Even if you assume they make 0% profit on the subscriptions, that’s gotta be split between database costs (which scale with users) and fixed costs which stay the same with users. So taking a little reduction on every referral would still increase the overall money they had available for fixed costs… which could mean they’d be able to hire extra staff to allow faster improvements and new features. Surely works out to a (say) 5% smaller slice of a pie that’s twice as big… I’m a biz guy too and I’d take that deal more often that not.

I see Bubble as a disruptive, (almost) mass market technology that they’re at the front of the wave on. So if i was them I’d wanna capitalise and corner the market asap, rather than stay niche. If another company launches doing the same but with a faster growth rate, they’re screwed. Who’s to say Google or someone aren’t developing something like this under wraps?

Obviously they wouldn’t be interested if it’s not financially beneficial or if it’d risk them running out of money. But hey, just a suggestion anyway :slight_smile: Not like I’m gunna stop recommending them to people!

My biggest concern with viral growth at this stage is simply performance. We’re on shared infrastructure, so getting a plethora of new users building “just to see what’s it like” might negatively impact our performance. I’d like some time to build up enough revenue to justify a dedicated plan before we swamp the system with millions of people :slight_smile: