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RefR - Curated Content For Social Media That Generate Leads

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on RefR and after juggling/struggling to find a tech cofounder, I decided to be the one for the time being just when I found Bubble. A lot has changed since then and we have a working app.

Our beta users have helped us in so many ways to better the app from the viewpoint of what we do but I’m here to gather the imperative feedback from fellow Bubblers and experts before we go full public and PH.

About RefR – RefR optimises the impact of curated content shared on social media. We bring in absolutely human-curated content keeping in mind the target market for the business in hand. The curated content is strategically transformed into social media posts with engaging titles and personalised on-brand images as sometimes images make better text. The posts are scheduled via Buffer to go out at crucial times throughout the day.

There’s more - following the temptation of increasing the productivity of social media posts, we’ve added a tool to increase both brand awareness and lead prospects by embedding a branded call-to-action (LeadBox) to the curated content we share for our users. It is placed strategically according to content relevance, context and buyer’s journey to catch their attention and letting the CTA work in so many different ways like driving targeted traffic to the website, email op-ins, and much more.

This is our landing page and the LogIn/SignUp will redirect you to our Bubble app.

Can’t thank you enough @gf_wolfer for your support throughout, shoutout to @romanmg @NigelG @george_dmop for helping me setup Buffer the right way and @Emmanuel for your proactivity to sort even small little issues and definitely for creating Bubble. People (non-coders) like me could not have imagined coming so far without code, until Bubble.


Looks great! If it does everything that it says it can then that is really impressive!

Quick Bug I found while going through the signup process:
I wasn’t allowed to finish choosing my settings, I got stuck on 6/7 with nothing showing up, also wouldn’t let me select sub interests.

Love the idea and UI/colorways though!

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Looks great. I’d love to stay in touch… I have a similar story - have turned to Bubble to finish building out my product… and I plan to launch on PH in the next month or two!

Currently have about 200 people signed up for private beta… I’ll be onboarding them 20-50 at a time over the next couple weeks.


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Looks amazing! Would love to learn more about how you’ve implemented the interactive and such high quality animated elements?

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The site looks great @ayush and love the idea! :slight_smile:

I am interesting to know if the entire site was built on Bubble?

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Yes, @codurly it does everything it says depending upon user’s plan. :wink: and it is taking longer than expected on 6/7 as it is referencing to the categories selected by you on 5/7. I’ll try to load it first and then filter.

Hey @dave2 glad to know I’m having some brothers along on the same track. Congratulations on 200 beta users. Awesome :heart_eyes: Stay in touch.

@danp1995mail if you are referring to the interactions on the website, I’ve implemented them via Webflow as the web design is done via Sketch + Webflow.

Hey @Rogelio glad you like the idea. The website is built with a combination of Sketch & Webflow, however, the app is entirely build on Bubble.

Thanks for all your kind words. :slight_smile:

Congratulations! You’ve put in a lot of great work to get here and I know you and your team can turn this into something HUGE!. :+1:

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Hey Geoff. Thank you for helping me improve and your constant feedback.

I want you to know how much I value your support and feel privileged to have you for anything coming up that requires expert attention. :innocent:

I particularly like the Show Me Around feature - great work and very inspiring.

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Thank you so much. Looking forward to curating some awesome content for you! :slight_smile::sunglasses: