Refresh xanoquery api

Hi, I have an xanoquery api in my app. It fetches data automatically upon page load or whenever its params change. However… in case the params remain the same and i run the workflow action “refresh data for xanoquery” it doesnt seem to fetch new data.

This also seems to be the case for repeating groups fetching data from external api where if i reset the data it doesnt seem to call the api again. Only if the input params change.

The reason i need to do this is for the following case:

  • A user is on the “list” page on my app where the page content is all list items fetched though an external api to xano. When the user adds a new item to the list through a post api to xano the new item is not shown in bubble as the get api fetchign the list items need to run again. Here is the issue where i cant re-call the api when the input params dont change…

You can add a superfluous parameter and set it to be the current time formatted as Unix.

Your parameter will always be different when you request the refresh

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Wow cant believe i havent thought of this. I will try it out right away.

Thanks Jared

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