Refreshing Dropdown Choices

First of all I should state that I am using the SQL plugin for all my data. I have a dropdown input in my group that pulls all the dropdown values for that given user. I also have a create input and button which runs the sql to create new dropdown values. When I add the new value, the problem is it doesn’t show up in the list of possible values. How can I get the dropdown list to refresh immediately to reflect the newly added value. In the workflow of the save button, I have it running the sql again to pull the values but it still doesn’t seem to refresh the dropdown itself. Ideas?


If a query has exactly the same content as has been run already, Bubble doesn’t send the query and instead the result is pulled from a cache. This is normally useful, to avoid it running too often.

To force the query to run again, you need to change it somehow, from Bubble’s point of view. One way is to have a dummy parameter (not actually sent to the external database) and put Current date/time’s milliseconds.


Off topic but how do you rate the speed using sql compared to bubbles database?

just as fast

Can someone PLEASE help with this… How do you get a dropdown that is populated through a sql query to refresh values once a new value is added through an input?

What have you tried? The solution I outlined above works for me.
Edit … I think not many people are connecting to external databases this way, probably because of the need for interesting workarounds.

I have created a bogus parameter like you said, and I supply it with current date/time extracted as unix from the interface, but it still isn’t refreshing…

I’ve setup a demo app to show how to refresh. I’ve sent you a PM with the link, as viewing the app shows the database password!

When I want the data refreshed, from the workflow, I set the data source to query with a fresh dummy parameter …

Let me know when you’ve finished looking at it, and I’ll change the database password.


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