Refreshing Repeating Group with App Connector

Hi everyone,
I’m building a chat system and I need communication between two apps for sharing messages. When you write a message it gets created and appended to the relative chat, but you have to refresh the page to actually see the message. I’ve already read about the “date” header, but when you connect two apps with App Connector you can’t put headers. What should I do?

Has anyone else been able to figure this one out? We’re about to possibly create the chat messaging by duplicating messages in both apps, which is a bit ridicilous and would obliviate the purpose of having the apps connected with the app connector.

@nick.carroll You’ve been quite active and helpful, can you perhaps shed some light on this issue? We have to refresh our bubble page in order to update the data on the repeating group.

Clearing the repeating group and sending the data only works once.

Yeah unfortunately I believe this is a “known issue” with our App Connector, a page refresh is required to get the latest data. Agreed that is really annoying - we’ve bumped into it internally when trying to connect two apps as well. I don’t have too much insight as to why this limitation exists but will try and get more context and share here when I do.

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So the App Connector is actually a layer on top of the API Connector to make it easier to connect two bubble apps. In the API Connector, we cache identical API calls to prevent the same call from running unnecessarily - which would be the case in the App Connector as well. As you know, the workaround of putting current datetime in the api call’s header is a popular workaround for getting a fresh api call. While the App Connector shares this same architecture, we do not expose headers in App Connector because that is handled behind the scenes. Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a workaround at this time. Wish I had better news.

I’d recommend adding this feature request to the ideaboard for future consideration. Thanks!

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I’ve actually not used the app connector but would I be wrong in assuming that he could just build a backend api workflow with Auth and a return data action on app #2 or hit that apps dataAPI from app #1 and pass a header param to solve this issue instead of utilizing the app connector for this feature in his app?

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Offcourse, but that would take away the brilliant architecture of ‘Connecting apps’

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I was able to create a workaround using the logic below. Basically, I’m creating a random conversion to seconds to generate a unique list of data.

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Oh man you haxor you :joy: that was a genius solutions :raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Haha, funny enough I dreamt about it last night before implementing it :rofl: