Refreshing Toolbox's Listofnumbers without refreshing the page


I have a repeating group with pagination that is calculated using Toolbox’s Listofnumbers on page load.

My problem: When I filter the repeating group and the number of entries are smaller than the original size (obviously), The repeating group is showing only the filtered results but the number of (pagination) pages stays the same, as it was calculated on page load.

My question: Is it possible to refresh just listofnumbers calculation through a workflow, without refreshing the page? Tried a couple of things such as adding it to a group and resetting it, hiding and showing the object, none of these worked.

Hey djtochner, (without knowing the exact config of your RG and listofnumbers-element) just make sure to add the same search constraints to the list of numbers you use for the repeating group and you do not need to refresh the page or use a workflow.

A simple example:

  1. The repeating group with the search + constraint:

  1. The list of numbers element (using the same search and constraint to calculate the length of the list):

  1. A textfield displays the calculated list. Type a value in the searchboxand the repeating group and list are automatically updated:

Brilliant @gerbertdelangen , Thank you!