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Regarding speed, will the Personal plan work for a CRM-like app with small to medium user base?

I know it depends, but I’m looking for a rough guide to estimate monthly costs… I’m building a CRM for a specific niche so user base will be small to medium. Is the Personal plan good enough for it?


This Q is way too loose @letsexecute - it depends on so many variables. What do you consider as a ‘small’ to ‘medium’ user case? What functions will your users be carrying out? e.g. how much data will a user be creating, storing, editing, deleting? How many users do you envisage being active at any one given session? We need a little more clarity so we can advise as best as possible here…

Hey, I am creating a social networking site which is pretty decently heavy with posts and events and job portal. with an approximation, how many users will be able to use the site at once on personal and professional plan?