Regex extract question - extracting amazon url fragments

What is the deal here? It’s not giving me the stuff in (). its giving me the whole matched string.

No matter what I seem to do with the regex pattern. I just want the stuff between and /e

Do i have to do multiple trimming steps perhaps?


Have you made it work here? If so, can you share it?

Yes it works fine there.

The problem is that where I do extract with Regex: first item, its displaying the entire match of . instead of just (thestuffiwant)

The point is not the regex but that bubble’s implementation is not giving me just what’s in the () but the whole match.

And when I do :count, it shows only 1 returned item. That item contains the whole matched string not just what I’m trying to extract.

Try finding another regex pattern then :roll_eyes:
One that only matches the group one. Go for one that would work with JS.

Thanks Vini
Does anyone else have any insights into this? I can work around it, but it appears to be a bug or I’m doing it wrong (seems more like a bug I will report as such)

So because I have i pushed it all through find and replace twice to remove and /e

that’s kind of junky but it works.

(stuff) should show up in :firstitem or :item#1 and I maintain this is a regex bug

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