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What regex can i use to extract the second part of this url^ after

Im not sure if the panel number character count changes, so using truncated from isnt a safe option.

@NigelG maybe you can help, i know youre pretty good with regex

We use Upwork all of the time to hire people for small projects like this. It doesn’t take long for us to build a relationship with someone we trust so that we can ping them and get immediate responses which helps us stay unblocked and continue moving forward. Just FYI in case it’s helpful for you or anyone else reading this post.

Thanks for suggestions.

and i have so many things to do, i just come back to it later, i like to try challenge myself also, not rely on other people too much

If you’re extracting, you can use:


and that should do it.

If you’re using find and replace method, use regex expression of (.)-(.)-(.*) on your string and replace with $2-$3

If you want to verify these for yourself go to and test them out there.


NOTE - I see that, after posting, my post is rendering/displaying differently than what I actually typed. So to clarify, for solution 2 you need 3 of this:


in a row connected by hyphens. When i type that out it displays incorrectly after posting. But you get the idea.


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