Registration Form - Help needed

Hi all

Probably a newbie question but I would be very grateful for some help!

Situation: A new (unregistered user) enters the website and clicks on a “Registration” Button.

Want to do: I want to create a registration form which pops up after the user clicked on the registration button. In a first step, the new user should be able to create a log-in/Profile (Email, Password, Confirm Password). If this data is submitted, an account is set-up. In addition, the pop-up remains open and forwards the user to the next step which should be a lengthy registration form (First Name, Last Name, Address, etc.). All the data which the user enters here, should be saved in his Profile as well.

How would you approach this problem? Where would you start and what to do?

Many thanks in advance,

Very simple, take a look:


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