Registration form limit

Hi i just discover bubble

il would like to make registration form for an event with something like that :

Main event registration with limit 100 person, when user get the form he se see how many place to keep for example 5 people make registration so only 95 places to keep.

On this form he need to choose between many subevent where each event have a limit too and the user need to know how many place stay for booking

  • Subevent A 25 places
  • Subevent B 25 places
  • Subevent C 25 places
  • Subevent D 25 places

Can you give me some tips for build that ?

Ok i learn more now about bubble data

I choose repeating group for display data type of my event, on this datatype call EVENT i have 3 fields

  • Name of event
  • descritpion of event
  • Number of place ( for example 25 per event)

I have second data type REGISTRATION where i register entry of the forms with fields

  • Name
  • last name
  • Mail
  • Choice of event for 1st session
  • Choice of event for 2nd session

I make the form and i want when submit button is press data imput got into REGISTRATION datatype for this i find how to do so it s ok

And i want if people choose Event A1 on Register form the number of places in the Datatype EVENT decrease -1 for the Field Number of Event.Name A1

How can i do that ?

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