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Registration with picture

I have to send all inputs to data base, not sure how to make that, can someone help me lease?

Hi there @cazacu.mariya,

Welcome to the Bubble community!

Can you clarify what you’re having trouble with?

Thank you.
Sorry for misunderstanding
I’m not sure how to make registration work, and all data sent to database

Hi, you need to create new fields in the DB under user:
First name, Last name etc and make a workflow by double clicking the button and start workflow:
add data and make First Name = (whatever first name’s Type here box is named)'value.

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Thank you! <3

But have a problem with last name, don’t know why :frowning:

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this would be due to a data type mismatch.

ensure the input you reference is a text element (assuming you want to save a text). Then, go to your data types and ensure the field you are saving into is of type ‘text’


worked! thank you very much!

But can you please help me with one more thing?

How can I apply to button Student an ID nr 1
and to teacher ID nr 2?

before registration the user has to choose one option

I would probably use a custom state to hold the choice they make.

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Thank you guys for helping me!

I have one last question
I have a dropdown with options after I have chosen the options that appears down (how in pictures)

1 picture i choose

2 picture it’s appears down

also, this choice is going to the database

what @jared.gibb said, or your can add a new field to the user: teacher with YES/NO option.

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