Regularly resetting a field on a free plan?

Hi there,
I’ve been looking a bit, but I just want confirmation of what I found because I fear it wasn’t extra clear to me: on a free plan (I’m just testing, so far, you know), can I have a field automatically reset to a certain value on a regular basis?
The use case is: I have a numeric field that’s manipulated by the Users as they see fit, and I want that field to be automatically reset to 10 each Monday at 00:00:00.
Thanks in advance for your input!

Use Do Untill option on workflow - 24 hours converted to seconds (App need to be open all the time)

Thanks for your swift reply and pointing me in that direction! I’m digging now.
Not sure app will indeed be opened all the time, Users need to log in to manipulate that field and they do it 3 to 4 times a week. I really need something that just checks the day&time of the week (as in Monday, not as in timestamp) and runs by itself.

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A recurring backend workflow will do the job. You can build the workflow on a free plan. To run it you can go to a personal plan when ready.

OK so I can’t do that on a free plan. Thanks!

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