Rejection by App Store: Location Services

Our app is getting rejected by the app store for not specifying the reason on the Location Authorization. See below:

“Your app uses location services but does not clarify the purpose of its use in the location modal alert. Apps that collect, transmit, or use location data must notify and obtain the user’s consent prior to accessing this data.”

In their documentation they require us to state why we are using the location in the alert. Is there a way to customize the messaging on this. See the screenshot they provided.

What wrapper did you use ?

We are using gonative as our wrapper. Any suggestions?

We even added a custom pop up saying why we use the location and they came back with it has to be in the alert. See the new image they attached.

I know this sound mundane, However, You should talk to the gonative team they will fix such issue. because it is not just you… there are other people who are looking for the same feature.

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