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Relational Database in repeating group

Let me apologize in advance if this sounds like a newbie question. I’m new to bubble but I already have quite the experience in programming so it’s safe to say I also have quite the experience with programming databases.

I’m working on a web-app similar to Netflix and I’m trying to make a repeating group that’s based on a user’s favorite movies.

Normally, in SQL, what I would do is create a separate table for favorites, THEN reference both movieID and userID, so I created a similar data type as shown in the screenshot below:

The problem I’m encountering is, I cannot seem to add it as a data source to a repeating group, to make it such that only the current user’s favorite movies show in the repeating group. How do I go about this?

If you go about it with this method, you would make the repeating group content as “Favorite” and then search for all favorites with a constraint User = Current User.

Try that and see if it works for your use case,

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