Relational database view in repeating group

Good afternoon,
I have table called service request and another table called price. now each service request will have many quotations or prices. i have made field in price table i called it org req id which take the uniqe id of service request. as attached
noww i want to display the request

Here it will show all quotations

I want to show only the price quotation related to previous request where i pressed VIEW QUOTATIONS BUTTON
list of quotations

I have been trying to solve the issue for while now. any ideas?
in normal programming i would loop inside service request to get all price quotations for that particular request and i want to show them in repeating group for user to pick.
My app is

That is not how bubble works in terms of table relations.

To have a one-to-many between “service request” and “price” you create a field on “service request” and set the type to “price” and tick the box to say that it is a list. Then you add prices things on the list.

That way you can very simply refer to Service requests’s Price when creating a repeating group.

thank you for reply.
i thought of doing that. but i want to know who has submitted this price as well, i will need to use them for search later.

I would have price list with associated user.
service request #12 (unique ID) | price 20$ | user1 (maybe User unique ID or Email)
service request #12 (unique ID) | Price 30$ | user2 (maybe User unique ID or Email)
one request different prices from different users

That will be on the Price - as Creator. Which is a User.

You really don’t need to store “unique ID or Email” to link something to the User table. Just create the field of type User and set it to the User you want. Then it has everything that is on the User.

Creator is type User anyway. So that will be the user that is logged in when the Price thing is created.

thank you @NigelG very much it works… you are great :slight_smile: i have added two lists one is price offered another field is offered by.

so i would list them this way
Price offered : 12$ offered by : user1 button: Accept Job
Price offered : 20$ offered by : user2 button: Accept Job
Price offered : 10$ offered by : user3 button: Accept Job
Problem Solved

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