Relaunching The Better Product Company

Hello friends,

I’m happy to announce the re-launch and re-branding of The Better Product Company, found at

We’ve had some successful consulting engagements with clients over the past couple of years, and now that I’ve left Pivotal Labs, I’m looking to make this a bigger focus of my time. I’ve successfully led software and product efforts for startups, large enterprises, and federal agencies, as well as one-on-one coaching in product management, agile processes, and lean methodologies.

Check it out, feedback appreciated!


Nice clean design. 2 things I’d change:

I’m assuming you added a black cover over the image to make the white text stand out. The subtext is somewhat hard to read. I’d suggest making it a slightly thicker font or increasing the opacity of the cover.

For this section and the “What we offer” section, I’d put the 3 groups in a group that has a maximum width. This will center the 3 groups, making it look cleaner and be better for responsive design overall.

Keep up the good work,

Thanks for the feedback! I’m adding a 4th box to the “weird wide” container. It actually is set to a max width, I just wanted it to line up with the header, which lines up to the other containers on the page. A 4th box makes things clean, will be deploying that today.

Also will be fixing the display on my text covering images. Had a few places where folks provided feedback that can be cleaned up. That’s why we get stuff out quick!

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Those groups look a lot cleaner! Nice. One more thing on the “How We Do It” section:

Make sure you set these 3 groups to align center in the responsive editor. You did this correctly in the “What We Offer” section so just replicate that.

Thanks! What screen resolution/device were you looking at to get that result? I went ahead and fixed it, but curious how you got that view in the first place.

I’m on my laptop but I decreased my browser width to get that. That’s how I check responsiveness when I’m not in my editor.

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@OnDemandCloner thanks for you suggestion about the language for Joyful Literacy. From your vantage point, how does the addition of the word “currently” impact your reading of the subtext?

How exactly would you use it? To start the sentence? Can you show me the exact sentence you have in mind?

In your other post, you mentioned changing the text on Joyful Literacy from “We designed, built, and maintain…” to, “We designed, built, and currently maintain…”

I was just curious how the difference made you feel, what the impact of the change was.

Oh ok, thanks for clarifying. It wasn’t that I felt “currently” needed to be added as much as it was about the original words “designed, built, maintain”. They felt strange (to me at least) to say in their sentence together. I think it was cause they had different tenses.

“We designed, built, and maintain a solution that gives teachers what they need to help struggling readers.”

Since the first two words were in the past tense and the last was in the current I think that’s why it didn’t feel right to me. I think adding “currently” (or another word like it) is the correct way to phrase it grammatically.

@potentialthings hah now that I think of it, maybe you should ask the client who came to you for the product this sentence refers to (who I’m assuming is a teacher). They would probably know the answer here.

What a smart idea. Dr. Janet Mort is a Canadian expert in early childhood literacy, she commissioned the work on the app. Funny story, anytime she refers to it, she calls it APP. All caps, all the time.

There is some tense-mixing, for sure. Good catch.

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