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Release of Deferred Drawing Logic for performance improvements

@alex.stanescu I do feel like it is faster now. Maybe it’s just me. Have you guys pushed the update already?


Hey there!

We have not yet released the update for this (it is turning out to be a tricky problem, but we will keep you posted). Another team at Bubble did just release performance improvements for how temporary users are handled, so it could be that you’re seeing!

Happy Bubbling!


Hi @alex.stanescu

I’m facing an issue with my repeating groups I didn’t have before. I suspect the Deferred Drawing Logic.

In short: I call an API that populates my database. Another backend workflow computes some basic information (division mostly). In the meantime, my 3 repeating groups are displayed to the user.

What I observe:

  • Before: the RGs displayed all the right information
  • Now: the RGs display partial information, especially the RG containing a RG (group by used)

In both cases, data from the API and additional math on Bubble backend are all fine. In my current tests, I made a very small API call as only 24 lines are received and saved.

Solutions I tried (without success):

  • Condition before displaying the RGs to ensure that the additional backend workflow doing some math finishes its job
  • Pause of 10 seconds before displaying the RGs
  • Pause of 20 seconds before displaying the RGs

The only solution that works

  • Additional backend workflow doing some math deleted (thus forbidding me to display the RG containing a RG)

Clearly the “solution” that works is not useful.
Would it be because of Deferred Drawing Logic that doesn’t take properly into account RG into RG using group by generated by a backend trigger workflow?

do you need to UG bubble instance to make this work?