[RELEASED] Google Natural Language API plugin

Hi Bubblers!

A new plugin (API) is now available: Google Natural Language

All endpoint are included. You just need to enter your API key and use the call you need.

All instructions are on the plugin page.
Here’s the editor link: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=naturallang&id=sandboxjc&test_plugin=1578859619702x716325042519801900_current&tab=tabs-1

This is a sample demo of a few calls. Some call need longer text like Classify.

For other information about call and expected results: https://cloud.google.com/natural-language/docs/reference/rest/

Don’t hesitate to reach me for any request or issue :wink:


Interesting. Google has something Azure’s cognitive doesn’t - ‘dependency trees’.

Have you used dependency trees? Do you have an example/use case of how it can be used?

I read google’s documentation - technical bit is clear but not the use case.


I agree that it’s not easy to understand and there’s a lot of concept behind this. Basically, the dependancy tree should let you create kind of “intensity” link between words.
For example, if you analyze “Bubble is nice” Bubble may be considered as the “Root” word and a lot of thing will be linked to it.
Bubble will be dependant of itself (index 1), is will be dependant of Bubble too (index 1 too) and nice will be dependant of Bubble too (index 1 too).

Hey great explanation - thanks!

So I guess the root word is kind of the ‘central concept’ or the ‘central focus’ of the sentence?

Interesting. Will check it out, see how it works in practice…

Yes. Most of the time this will be a verb (I said that the ROOT item was Bubble but the root item is “IS”. But in this case, all words (what GNL call “token” are related to index 1 (IS). I just test it to see and this is what it give to me. So this is how you can get a “tree” (like a kind of mind mapping?)