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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Hey @Jici,

I’m giving Selectize another try. From what I’ve read, a lot of cool features were added since the last time I tried it.
I’m trying to use it in a group focus, but the overflow isn’t working. Am I missing something?
I would love to replace all my GF for Selectize. :smiley:

Hi! Can you share the setting in the overflow part? (that is for RG, but I think it should also work for the focus group). I didn’t test this.

Sure. Here it goes:

When I have a dynamic list with the type of text the dropdown just keeps showing loading…

When I select another type it works. I do need it to be text though as I want to merge different texts into the drop down. Currently it does not work when I just have one type of text.

This is using dynamic list type. I now tried static list and then it works.

Hi @christo1
If you want to use a type of text, I suggest to use the Static part instead with the Do a search…'s text field:join with , (comma)

In future I may consider setting the handling of “text” (or number or anything else like that). The reason it’s not working actually is that you cannot set the display and the unique ID fields that are requiered. But with the static list, it’s working fine.

Thank you. That makes sense

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Is there an option to have a tooltip appear for the dropdown upon hover? That way we won’t need labels to show what the dropdown is for even if it has a value selected or initial value.

Hi Christo1
Do you mean a tooltip when you hover the selectize or when you hover an option?

When you hover the Selectize before clicking to open the options list

I can probably add this as a new feature

Hi @Jici !

I have a list of text in JavascripttoBubble element.
I already checked and the list is ok.

So, how can I use the Selectize dropdown in order to show it?

This is the error I am receiving:


Hi! To use a text list, better to use Static list and use :join with , (Comma or another delimiter you choose and set in Delimiter)

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Worked! Perfect. Thanks

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Hi @Jici , this is beautiful work. I’m just wondering if there is any way to make the selection required for a workflow.

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Sadly, there no way in a plugin to do that like Bubble inputs. But you can use a only when Selectizedropdown All Value count>0

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