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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Hi @Jici

I’m having some issues when you add then delete created items from a list.

Refer to the example HERE

If you type options to add, they add fine, but when you try to delete an item you just created, it will not actually get removed unless you perform another action afterwards, like add a new option or delete a preset option.

Thanks again for the awsome plugin!


  1. I’m struggling with dynamically set Initial values.
    It selects items once and after changes of variable, it doesn’t change the selected item.
    I’ve tried to use an action to set and clear items it works but each first-run “Set selected items” throws an error.

  1. Option list overflow doesn’t work inside focus group.

Hi @services3
For the first error, this is because the plugin is not already visible on the page. Any action related to a plugin element will return this error if the action is run while the plugin is not created on the page. Because you are using it in a focus group, this need to be open a first time before the plugin get initialized a first time. I suggest to use a WF that will run only when the plugin is visible. You can also use state to only run according to some condition.
For the second issue, your can use the RG overflow setting I think, You need to add an Attribute ID to the focus group and use this attribute in the RG Attribute ID. I’ve never tested for a focus group but I know it work for a popup.

Hi @Jini, did you find time to make the test?

I have another question. Inside Dynamic Field Search I don’t see the capabilities to search into a list-field (containing texts). Is it this possible?