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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Yes the issue is caused by the action that is running before the selectize is visible on the page. For all “element” plugin, you always need to be sure the plugin is visible before running action. You can use the trigger “Selectize is initialized” for this kind of case.

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I’m back at it and having more than a bit of trouble getting things to work properly.

First, have you made any progress on documentation? I really don’t understand most of the available properties. Since I’m only using Selectize to pick a single option, I figure most don’t apply to me and some are lists of which I only need one item. So documentation would help me.

Next, Here’s a pretty simple page:

The Filter is Selectize.
Project in each row is Selectize.

The way this works is that when Rank is changed to something other than 4 and Project is not Inbox, the records is removed.

Here I changed Rank for "added 7/9/22 6:26p:

The record was removed as it should be, but Selectize kept the same Project values in the rows rather than picking up the values from the records that moved up in the RG.

Must I somehow explicitly refresh the Selectize elements in the RG?