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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

@yorgio1024 not actually.

Cool! Thanks.

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New release
Option list should now update automatically with dynamic data if data has changed
Opacity setting for disabled input. You can choose a number from 0 to 1 to set opacity. Default is 0.5.


@Jici Thanks for the update. This is awesome!

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You know you have a good plugin idea when the Bubble forum Godfather (@romanmg) is interested! Keep up the work!




With community input its growing to be near perfect :slight_smile: well done.

If its possible can we control the drop height of items either as unlimited or say to a given number? I have noticed its fixed to 7 lines. If not then I guess we would have to add an explainer text each time as you have done.

@it1 Next release will contain two settings for that: Max options and Max Dropdown Height. This will allow you to choose how many options to display and also to set the max-height of the dropdown



i just purchased your plugin. Is it still working? I get Loading… and the items are never loaded.

Thank you

Hi @cm1 Please contact me in PM if you have issue. I can help you to find the issue. Send me screenshots of your settings and if possible public view mode editor link.


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New release
New Element added: OSWA Selectize dropdown. This is an Option set workaround that will let you access to other attributes that are not accessible by Dynamic data type (Current Bubble limitation). Check demo page for an example. @myflappd @romanmg

Two new settings for options dropdown: number of options to display and Max-height of the dropdown. @it1

New setting for Static list: Don’t merge duplicate. If you have the same option twice, theses options won’t be merged if you activate this option. @it1

Please visit demo page:


And I forget: With preview in editor mode now!


I do love your work. Thanks

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New version available!
This version add some more support for repeating group use.
You can choose two options when you are using Selectize dropdown in RG:

  • Expand the RG Row. When the dropdown is open, the entire Row in RG will expand.
  • Overflow. This will allow the Dropdown to overflow the row and RG. When you use this option, you need to also add the RG ID Attribute and Current Cell Index.

Please visit demo page to see this in action (At the bottom)


New version available!

  • 3 new actions: Open and close dropdown. Blur input.
  • Autofocus setting: Uncheck this if you don’t want the keyboard open automatically on mobile. User can click on the placeholder to focus while it’s open and get the keybord
  • Open on focus. If you uncheck this, dropdown will not open dropdown options until user start typing to search options.
  • Item Box-shadow. You can now remove box shadow of item selected.
  • Select on tab: Native behavior is to select the first item on tab. You can now deactivate this and no selection will be made if user tab to next input

Upcoming V2 that will load data differently. Should help a lot with nested dropdown.