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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

Thanks to reports @justin.hume . Will have a look tomorrow.

Hey @Jici,

Many thanks for your feedback!

I solved the plugin error message for the Set selected items action by removing these actions from the Workflow triggering the pop-up display, and I moved them to the “pop-up is opened” dedicated workflow, and now it works fine. I guess there was not enough time between the “display pop-up” action and the “set selected items” actions within the same workflow. So cool, now it’s perfect!

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Unfortunately these dropdowns are dealing with Options set, not items from the DB (RG), so I can’t apply the setting for RG.

I checked the groups, but I think the problem is that this pop-up is a customization pop-up where users can customize the display of their page, and elements into the page (text, buttons,…). That means that I have successive groups into the pop-up, one for font customization (font type, font align, font color), one for buttons customization (button type, button background color, button border type,…).

So even setting each “dropdown’s parent group” to the front, I still have the problem.

To solve this definitively, I think I should get rid of this pop up and use a floating group instead.

Don’t hesitate to send a PM with screencast. It will give me a better idea of the issue.
Yes the OSWA is more limited. an you switch to the normal version since Bubble now allow to select attribute too?

Yes I’m using the normal Selectize dropdown, not the OSWA dropdown (I started using it, and I changed as I experienced this issue).

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I’m having an issue where only one of the initial values is showing up, even though there are multiple.

Hi @austinjlturner
Can you send me a screenshot of your settings in PM?

Hello, does this plugin support auto-binding on parents thing? Super important to auto-save.
I saw 1 update had this, but I’m checking the demo and I can’t find that option.

Or is that what “Dyncamic list” is for?

Not actually. This is planned for V2.
Dynamic list is to get data from Database or API

But actually you can use a WF to automatically update when item is selected by user

Sorry, could you elaborate? What is a WF? And how to configure it?
Thanks for the reply!

The trigger is “Item Added”
So When Selectize Dropdown Item Added. Make change to a thing. And update the thing will All value or All value ID (if you are using dynamic data)

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Hi @Jici !

Thanks for the nice plugin.
I just have an annoying request for you…
Would it be possible to automatically close the keyboard (on mobile) when an element is selected and there is max one element to select ?



Hi @Jici ,

Awesome plugin! I have a question though: How do I set the placeholder for dynamic data?

My specific use case is the following:

  • I have a to-do list, and each task has an owner. I use selectize as a dropdown/searcher (users) on a floating group that is hidden and just shows when an group (task) is clicked . So far I can select a user from the dropdown, and with a button trigger a workflow that saves the last Item added ID as the new activity owner (user).

My issue is, that when I click on another task, the selectize dropdown doesn’t display the user that owns the task but rather the last selected option.

Neither the initial value nor

placeholder isn’t working for me, or I set it up incorrectly. Any chance you could give me a hand with this?

Hi @zavitac
Notsure to understand all your settings.
Possible to send me a PM with more screenshot (DB structure maybe) or a link to your editor in public view mode?

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