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[RELEASED] Selectize dropdown

I just want to say amazing plugin!

I’ve struggled for several hours trying to make my own search and focus group dropdown and it was a mess!

I searched the plugin store, but somehow I missed your plugin initially - I was searching for search dropdown, maybe add search to your plugin title :man_shrugging:. Eventually I found this thread.

So glad you built this - thank you :pray:

Hi @mciocirlan
Thanks for the review

I will consider adding a reference to the searchable feature

If you need any help, let me know :wink:

Calling “Refresh Option List” always generates the error message below. I tried with a simple static list and it’s always the same error.




Refresh option list is mostly to use with Dynamic value. You seem to use static, so normally, you shouldn’t need to refresh the option list.

Hi Jici - I tried with dynamic values as well but it doesn’t work either. The way I need to populate the dropdown is from a list returned in a call to an external API (via API connector). The return list is saved to a Custom State. I can see the comma-separated list is updating properly as I display the content in a separate text box.

Normally, the dropdown should change the option list when the Custom State list is updated. I tried this by entering the Custom State list in the Static List as well as in the Dynamic List. But it doesn’t work in either case. So I tried calling the Refresh Option List and I get the error message I posted before.

PS: I just tried the standard Bubble dropdown behavior using the same Custom State as the source for the Option List. It updates the list whenever the Custom State is updated without making any additional calls.

Thanks, I will check with API to see if there’s a limitation.

You cannot compare Bubble Plugin or element with a Plugin. Bubble have some power that we don’t have when they build plugin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the reason that actually any change on data source doesn’t reflect automatically (without the Refresh action) is that it will trigger the Item Added or Created Event if something new appear in the list. So actually, this is also a limitation on the Selectize library. I’m expecting a silent option in a future release.

Let me do some test and check how we can make it work for your case :wink:

Great - thank you. I don’t mind calling the Refresh from the workflow but it has to work.

I’m actually very surprised that no one else encountered this before because it is a very common use case. For example: two dropdown boxes. The first shows category, the second gets populated with subcategories for the user’s category choice. Or select Country in the first and populate second with Cities corresponding to the country selected.

I think not a lot of user use it with API (from the support requests I get, it’s always related to DB thing).

And in my demo page, I’ve only have one with API example too and I didn’t test with API (that is different from a DB thing,sadly :frowning: )

I will send you a PM message to know more about your issue. Actually, I cannot reproduce the issue using my example with country API but it’s may be a setting that is different than your

Actually, you don’t need data from an API Connector to replicate the issue. Just try to set the Option List from a workflow step to a Custom State that has any kind of text list.

The type is important.
Are you using Text as dynamic type?
Or the static list?
DB thing and “field” type in Bubble also behave differently with plugin (should be simple, but it’s not. So if you set the type to “text” in dynamic type, it will cause issue. At this moment, will be better to use static list.
But if you set to the type of the API List, it will should work.

Anyway, I will implement the static in refresh option too.