Reliability of bubble apps

I am building a app for my fathers hospital and planning to shift to Personal plan.

Will 10 GB of storage be sufficient for regular operation of app , and storing patient data given that we will have around 500-700 patients daily
What are other options as we scale ?
what is the use of downloading app in .Json ?
can i convert it to a desktop app

  • It depends on how much data you’re storing about each user, but you can always buy more storage.
  • As you scale, you can buy more server capacity or pay to move to a dedicated server instance in an availability zone of your choosing
  • Downloading app as JSON lets you backup your app and restore it to a previous point. Good if you’re paranoid about losing work.
  • Possibly, but you will always, 100% need active internet in order for your app to work. Bubble builds web applications that need internet connection to function.

Storing Patient’s Data on Bubble would be a complete No-go. You will need to find a compliant server environment.


Seconding @andrewgassen. Bubble is not HIPAA compliant.

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