Remembering Last Page Read in Novel

I am going to build an app for a novel where the chapters are drip fed every few days.

What I need is this if this is possible…
When a reader reaches a certain page and stops reading, when they return to the app, will it show which page they are up to so they don’t need to remember

Have a last_read field set to number under Novel or whichever datatype. Everytime a user navigates to a certain page, update the last_read field. Have this number set to 0 or 1 by default so users who haven’t started reading a novel will start from the beginning.

You can use url parameters or url path segments to enhance this for UI/UX purposes too.

Thanks, that is great to know it is doable.
Now, off to learn how to do it lol

I have a similar issue, however in my case the articles are not divided in pages, each is “one more or less long page” and the length of the text can vary, and i want people to let the reader start wher they left off, is it possible ?