Remove automatic 'Scroll to Top' when editing Responsive Settings

Hello :slight_smile:

When editing elements in responsive on pages which have a very large height, after a single change is made - the page scrolls back to the top of the page. I think it would save a lot of time if the scroll position remained in place (if possible) after editing an element’s responsive settings.

For example, if I have a group near the bottom of a page that I’m editing in responsive and I change its fixed-margin from right-fixed to left-fixed, the page scrolls back to the top right after making that change. Then I need to scroll back down to the element to adjust its other responsive settings (minimum width, hiding rules, etc).

Would it be possible to make this adjustment?

Thank you so much,


It shouldn’t do that so if you have a situation can you file a bug report?

Ah, got it. Just submitted it - thank you!

Having the same issue, just submitted a bug report.