Remove blue progress bar during API call?

I’ve noticed a blue progress bar automatically appears across the top of the screen during API calls when fetching data for a repeating group.

Is there a way to disable it? I’ve implemented a spinning icon as a busy indicator to use instead. (Interestingly, the progress bar doesn’t appear during the API call on page load - only when navigating pages on button click - so my spinner works better anyway.)

Possible workaround: change the colour to white in your app settings

Thanks for the suggestion, @pauljamess. I didn’t even realize it was an app-wide setting or that its appearance could be changed.

Just a quick follow-up… I set the opacity to transparent instead of changing just the color. That way, it should work even if the color of the page is changed or there’s a full screen overlay or some such.


where do you find it to apply transparency please?
L.E. stupid me in settings… :slight_smile: