Remove dynamic geo location dropdown duplicates

Hey Bubble community,

My issue that I need help with is that I am receiving duplicate geo locations in my dropdown. The dropdown is a filtered dynamic dropdown that is based on (1) selections of two other dropdowns (2) the database that sources the dropdown. Dropdown 3 filters the geo locations listed based on the users in the database that match with the previous dropdown selections. Hopefully the screenshots below help to visual the flow if my description is confusing.

Is there any way to source the filtered database without receiving duplicate geo locations?

Dropdown 1:

Dropdown 2:

Location Dropdown:

Duplicate Options:

You can add :unique elements after your search query by pressing More…

Thanks for the response @nocodeventure!

Added :unique elements after the search query but not seeing any change. I would think that I would want to add that to the option caption part which is where I choose locations as what will be listed but that is not an option.

Dropdown 3 w/ :unique elements included

Screenshot of user flow once preview was updated:

I figured out the solution for anyone that is or will have this issue I thought I would post my solution. I changed the type of choices from the database to geographic locations and then did a search of the database within the choice sources and signified the choices would be narrowed to locations there. Then in the option caption I just put current option