Remove overflow hidden?

How can i remove the overflow:hidden css on .bubble-element? I have a repeating group with the cell that has a drop-shadow style but it gets cut off because the parent element of the repeating group has overflow:hidden

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Bumping this because I’m still not sure if there is any workaround to show the boxshadows outside of the repeating group it’s in?

A basic need really for UI design.

Without it, you have to add enough padding to the sides of the inner group that holds the shadow, and that adds a whole other complexity to making it mobile-responsive.

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Forgive the hair, it’s been one of those days. But here’s how you can do this. It can cause some other issues so keep that in mind.

Add this code between style tags

.class {
overflow: visible!important;


So epic, thank you @eli

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