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Remove part of return

Hi guys, I need your help for this:

I make an api call to get a token for future calls I need to use that token, But this token doesn’t come like the common answer (json) it comes embedded in the cookie And it comes with unwanted texts together

I want to remove these unwanted texts and leave only the token ex:

I get this return from the api: SID=x/RQCEONQlAvjuR6dL76jnKlBYUC9d5+; HttpOnly; path=/

And I wanted to leave it at that:. x/RQCEONQlAvjuR6dL76jnKlBYUC9d5+

I looked for some ways to do it but without success so far, help me please!?

Use Extract with regex to get your required value from the text,

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