Remove Scrollbar from Horizontal Repeating Group


Thanks for posting in the forum and providing the code. It works well for me.

However, I do not want the page scroll bar to be affected and instead only want to target a specific repeating group.

I have set up the ID attribute on the repeating group and labeled it…however, I have not been successful at getting the code you provided to point toward the repeating group using it’s id attribute.

Do you know how to apply the code you provided to a particular repeating group and not affect the page scroll bar?

*******I am updating this post with a link to a forum thread I started in tips with an editor to showcase how to get some custom design scrollbars and to “create” one in a group. Also hoping some more experienced bubblers could help solve the question that still lingers which is not affect the page scrollbar but only target and alter design of the group using id attribute.

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