Remove Skills from a List of skills from a user

New to bubble and really enjoying the experience thus far!

I did run into my first major roadblock though and after 3 days of googling I can’t find what I’m looking for, so I might be doing it in the wrong way.

I’m working on making a user profile work with a set of attributes, 3 different skills per user max.
I have a thing called “Skill”, and a list of Skills under the user.

Pictures say more than words, here I’m listing available skills minus the ones already added to the current user:

So far so good.

Now I want to display them in a separate repeating group within a repeating group, I’m doing it as text because for some reason (?) that’s the only way to get it to work from what I’ve understood.

Working fine so far!

BUT! Now I want to be able to click a skill in THIS group, and remove it from the users set of skills:

Brain exploding. I have tried every single combination by now, I suspect it has something to do with displaying it as text and when I want to remove it from the List of Skills of the User it can’t find it because it’s saved as its Unique ID and not it’s Slug or text value? Or I’m doing the structure all wrong.

Eternally grateful for any help getting me out of this hole!

Yes, the reason it’s more complicated than it needs to be is because you’re using ‘texts’ instead of ‘skills’ as your repeating group content type.

A ‘text’ is just a text value - it doesn’t have any more significance than that - so if you want to do something to a ‘thing’ based on a text value then you’ll need to match that ‘text’ value to a ‘text’ field on that ‘thing’ by doing a search, in order to find the ‘thing’ you’re looking for.

So in your case, in order to remove the skill from the user’s list, you’ll have to do a search for skills, with a constraint to match the skill’s ‘skill’ with the current cell’s text (then select the first item from the returned list).

It would be much simpler just to use the ‘Skill’ datatype as the RG content type, then you can refer directly to the cell’s skill in order to remove it from the list (I’m not sure why you thought that’s not possible).

I’m also not sure I understand why you seem to have a repeating group (of Skills) inside another repeating group (of Users), inside what appears to be a User profile group (unless the Skills you’re displaying are not for the User who’s profile it is, but other users).

From what you’ve described I assumed the Skills you want to display inside the repeating group were the Skills of the User who’s profile group it is - so it doesn’t mane sense to have another repeating group displaying Users inside the main group.

Just have the Skills RG inside the User group, with the content type ‘Skills’ and the datasource the parent group's User's Skills, in which you can display the current cell's skill


Thank you so much for the quick reply!
This is what happened to me:

I got a list of the same skill in every bubble, hence the text and repeating group within repeating group.
Will try your solution right away!

Your solution worked! You made my day man thanks


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