Remove the first date after entering the eighth

Hello friends…

The objectif… is to keep the last 7 Dates on a data type I called DATA Mur.

That is to say: When I enter the eighth date, the old date (the first entered) is systematically deleted:

For this, I developed the following workflow:

I used: Delete First item

But the problem is that he sometimes suppresses the first 2 Dates!!!

To solve this problem, I must use the function: delete the minimum (ie the oldest date). As illustrated on the following workflow:

But it does not work…How to do please?

The easiest and fastest way to do this is to use a Database Trigger. Since I see that your date is saved to the database as a thing.

Go to your backend and setup a database trigger put a conditional on the trigger that is “only when do a search for DATA Mur:count>8” then the action to add is “Delete a thing” and the thing to delete is “do a search for Data Muir: sort by created date DESCENDING=no : first item”

That will solve your problem. Automatically immediately you save the 9th DARA Mur, bubble will delete the oldest DATA Mur

Thank you so much

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