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Remove things from repeating group

Hey guys,

I have an application that has products and i need to know if the creator of that product has paid their subscription via Stripe and if not i want to know if theirs a way to remove them from whats shown in the repeating group.


I use Repeating Groups heavily, and populate them with a Search For. This way, when I update the database the Repeating Group is updated accordingly. So, just update the database based on Stripe status and you’re good.

Thats exactly right i use a do a search for all the time on Repeating Groups but my problem is that i am trying to check if the creater of that product has a active/trialling stripe status.

I have no option in the do a search for to check the status of the products creator i only have:

  • Created by
  • Creation Date

Their is nothing for looking at the creator then their stripe status.

I would need a field that would allow for me to have:

Products Creator…Stripe Subscription…Status = active or trialling

all i have is:

created by =

I cant get anything for the user that created the product