Removing an element of a list displayed in a repeating group

From the plugin

Multi-File Uploader

I have a list of uploaded files
Data types

App data

that I display in a repeating group.

I can’t find a way to remove an item from the list from the repeating group by clicking the minus icon …

Thanks for your help

Use :minusitem on the DisplayList of the RG.
RG’s DisplayList = RG’s DisplayList: minusitem current cell’s [item]


Thanks for your answer.
But I really don’t understand how to do it… :upside_down_face:

You will have to add a workflow that is triggered by clicking that icon. The workflow action is change display list of an RG.

Ok . This case hide temporaly the line.

But what I wish, is to delete/remove the value of the line in the list…

You can use workflow action Delete a Thing action to delete current cell’s text. When that Thing is deleted, it will get removed from the list multifilesUplosd

I’ve simplify the data…
Then in the workflow I use “make change to a thing” it’s make sense, because I only do a change on a list field “multifilesUpload”.

But when I run the action by clickin on the minus icon of the “c” line nothing
happens :upside_down_face:


Let’s say there is a Thing multiUpload that includes a list of texts T. Instead of making changes to the multiUpload, you should directly just Delete a Thing on the text of the current cell.

In other words, the workflow action shold be: Delete a Thing --> Current Cell’s text.

That will delete the text from the database. But because that text is deleted, thelist in multiUpload will now automatically get updated to only have a and b (because c is deleted from the database).


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