Removing an item from a custom state without affecting duplicates

Hello, I’m new to Bubble, and I have a question.

Using List Pusher, I’m adding duplicate items to a custom state.
How can I remove a specific item? When I try it with Set State, it removes all the duplicate items.


First, List Pusher is not for use client side. It’s a Server-Side Action (SSA). Of course you can, but you really shouldn’t due to the fact that it’s slow (due to cold start time) and it consumes WU because it runs on Bubble’s backend.

You can try various workarounds, such as those that have been explored in some solutions to @adamhholmes recent “Bubble Challenges” (search the forum here).

But I also have plugins (like those in Floppy) that can be used to construct and manipulate lists in a non set-wise manner.


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