Removing Ezcode branding from Template

Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove ezcode branding from template?
There is a scrolling element when the page is live that includes a large Ezcode logo and a link to the page, but it is not visible in the bubble designer. It covers part of the debugger in the preview. If it is possible to remove it, how would that be done?

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Yes, you can remove and modify everything in a template. You have full access to it.

Check for hidden elements. There might be something on the screen that is only visible once a condition is true.

If you want some guidance/coaching on your project just let me know. You can book a session with me and I can walk you through editing your template. If you are interested you can book a session with me at

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Thank you !

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No problem! :blush:

Hey @jraffing, our banner is under Settings -> SEO/metatags Tab - Just delete code from “scripts in header” and voila !!

Hope it helps.

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Thank you eazycode !

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This topic help me too! Thanks :pray::pray:


I have a custom domain setup, and whenever i run my custom domain it opens up Ez Dashboard page for the template. Instead of index. How do i change that ?


You’re probably logged in and there is a workflow that automatically redirects to the dashboard if you are. Try signing out and then accessing the index.

i have gone through each element, groups, and workflows i still cannot find it. When i run my app from the editor or my apps dashboard, it opens up an index page which is fine. But if i run it using custom domain it opens up EZ dashboard page.

Please help

I fixed it by deploying my app. :grinning:

Hey @phillipinno22 , you need just remove script from meta

Hope it helps !

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

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