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Removing the ability to rename versions

Hi everyone!

We wanted to let you know that we will soon be removing the ability to rename versions in the Editor. We will still support creating new versions, deleting versions, and adding changes from another version to your version.

This change is part of our ongoing effort to increase the reliability of our version control feature.
Behind the scenes, the way we would execute a version rename was by creating a new version with the new name from the old version and then deleting the old version. This sometimes left the new version in a very poor state with bugs and in some cases this could even break applications. Because we were creating a new version and deleting the old one, there was no way to revert the version to an unbroken point in time.
Since this feature is not a vital functionality but more of a nice to have and its potential risk outweighs the benefits of it in our opinion, we think it is best to remove this ability altogether.

For applications on plans with more than one development version (on top of the default Development version), you will still be able to perform a sort of version rename by creating a new version with the new name and deleting the old one.
Unfortunately, there is no workaround for applications on plans with only one development version. We will add a warning to the modal when creating a new version to specify that version names cannot be changed.

Thank you for understanding and happy building!


Really Looking forward to better version control.

And also perhaps some kind of change log history.

We had a workflow break and had no idea how to know who accidentally did it…

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If it’s recently it might have been Bubble that broke it not a dev error. Many of us are reporting workflows breaking randomly without anyone touching them.

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Definitely recently. i.e. a few days ago