Rename the folder with auto save when clicking outside

Let’s help me with the case that Input Data Autosave when click outside element

Hi there, @haonguyen… to do what you described, you can use auto-binding (which will involve having a privacy rule in place that supports it) or you can use the An input’s value is changed workflow event.


Oh, thx @mikeloc I’m using workflow you mention But le me provide the detail concept.

I’m building the workflow that user can change the name of the Boxes.

  1. Hover on the Box item and the Overflow menu will show

  2. Click the Overflow menu will show the menu options like: Rename, Delete, Sort by

  3. With Rename: When I Click on this I want the web-app autofocus the Box name with auto state. Of course, if I input and enter, the name will update. But I want it better like when clicking outside the Focus State will finish, and the name isn’t changed. And my current state like this, two focus state :


  1. The Overflow menu is the reusable element. For case, I can open the Menu Option each one Box item
  2. The box list item is Repeating group
    I’ve used Bubble for 2 wks to build the note app. If have any solution better for this case. Let’s help me
  3. Workflow seem like rename folder of Note app on Macbook


If you have all of that set up and you are asking how to change the folder names on the left when a user clicks away from the input, the An input’s value is changed event should do the trick, and you would make changes to the current cell’s folder as part of the event. If that isn’t working, can you share more screenshots (especially of the workflow and its actions) or a read-only link to your editor?

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What Mike suggested should work for you. If you give more screenshots or context we’d be able to help you better :slight_smile:


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I can’t find the relation between “Rename Box” (Popup action in Reusable Element) with Input Name of the box. The second, in default, I set up the Box Name can’t click. It only can click or focus when The rename box was clicked.

let test with the link:


I just hit the link and changed the label of Companies to Businesses, and it worked. So, I’m not sure what the issue is because it appears to be working as expected.

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Yep, I can change the name. In my case, in time the group Company has a yellow border, but I still can move another box list item and do the same.

That’s why I want to find the solution for doing the fist flow by clicking outside before renaming other one.

Thanks, Mike

Sorry, I’m still not following. Maybe try setting the custom state to the current cell’s index when the rename option is clicked, and change the condition on the item name input to evaluate if the custom state is the current cell’s index.

Oh @mikeloc ,

In my mind, it should show 1 yellow border per input name at one time. Not like this

If you do what I mentioned in my last reply, I believe that should do the trick.

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But I can’t set the state for the current index by Rename action. Rename action belongs to the Overflow menu (Reusable Element). What should I do to link the actions into the Current index (Box item)

Thx @mikeloc

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