Render page to the screen size and retain it's proportions?

Maybe someone has an idea how I can achieve this?

I have a full 1000px wide page which generates an invoice with dynamic invoice data. Example below (without data);

I don’t want this to be responsive because there’s often a lot of data in an invoice so it will look messy when viewed on a mobile. The invoice should be viewed on wide screen or small pdf so that it retains it’s dimensions.

I am using Digital Eye’s ‘Advance export to PDF’ plugin to convert the invoice to a pdf (so users can view or email) and this works well if wide view is converted. If the user is on a mobile, it is of course non responsive and messy and so the pdf generated is also messy.

My question is, can I make a Bubble page render to the screen size and retain it’s proportions? Put another way, how on earth can I display my full width Bubble invoice page on a mobile so that all proportion remain?

Hi ! I have the same issue. Have you made any progress on this or found a workaround since your initial post ? Joelle

I had solved it using iframe, well someone did it for me, but unfortunately I have long since switched back to simply showing the invoice using mobile friendly view (changing the layout etc to work on a mobile). Sorry I can’t give you the specific code but I no longer have the iframe page.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.
I have added a warning at the top of my page that asks the viewer to rotate their mobile to landscape when viewing an invoice. This warning only appears when screen width <650 and when the user is looking at specific pages that I do not want to resize because they can be generated as pdfs and I want to ensure the sizing and zoom remains correct.
It works ok for me.

Good idea. I think people generally only expect to see/download pdfs from a computer so my thinking is that if I create a basic mobile friendly invoice I will assume they will go home and print from a computer. But, I have no experience “in the real world” with how users behave so I guess time will tell!

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