Repating group sorting


I have a list of data each data has different state like new, in progress, done. i want to sort them based on their states
how can I manage that?

Are you using an option set as the field type for the data?

yes, I am using an option set

Two options:

The basic solution is using the :merged with operator on the data source of the repeating group. You can just merge three do a search fors that search for data with each of the options. If you dont envision your option set becoming much larger, and you are not particularly obsessed with WU consumption, then this would work fine, even though it feels a bit dirty.

If you want to be more elegant about it, or if you want to optimise WU you could try this other solution. Still not elegant, but i guess slightly better.

Set a Custom State to the search of datathings
Use a Nested repeating group
Outer repeating group has as Type of Content the Option Set, and will take as datasource all the options.
Inner repeating group with datasource = Custom state list: filtered (Constraint: Option field = Current cell’s option)

This would only require one search instead of multiple. It is essentially rebalancing workload from the server (WU) to the client (no WU), and in most cases, the user should not feel a difference in speed, as its just a simple filtering.

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thank you I have tried the first solution and it’s worked